Unreasonable Mentors

Tom Chi

Founder of Prototype Thinking, Lab Director of the Planet, Former Lead at Google X

Tom is an Unreasonable Mentor. Tom has participated in 12 programs, including Unreasonable Impact Americas 2019, and has advised over 163 Unreasonable companies.
Tom Chi has worked in a wide range of roles from astrophysical researcher to Fortune 500 consultant to corporate executive developing new hardware/software products and services. He plays a significant role in established projects with global reach (Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Search), and scaled new projects from conception to significance (Yahoo Answers from 0 to 90 million users).
Tom has pioneered and practiced a unique approach to rapid prototyping, visioning, and leadership that can jump-start innovative new ideas as well as move large organizations at unprecedented speeds. These approaches have benefited over a dozen industry-leading companies. He most recently served as head of product experience at Google X, developing technology such as Google Glass and Google's self-driving cars. His current focus is delving into human development issues with social entrepreneurs around the globe, rebooting the fundamental frameworks of entrepreneurship itself, and coaching/teaching a limited number of values-aligned organizations & leaders.