Asia Pacific Programme

Malaysia — September 2019

Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific

Unreasonable Impact is an innovative multi-year partnership between Barclays and Unreasonable Group. The initiative represents a first of its kind international accelerator network with programmes launching in the UK & Europe, Americas, and Asia Pacific.

The third Asia Pacific programme will run this September as an intensive two-week accelerator designed to support growth-stage ventures across China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Singapore with needed resources, mentorship, and a global network of support. The aim of the Asia Pacific programme is to rapidly scale-up select entrepreneurs to create thousands of new jobs while addressing key environmental issues with highly profitable business models. Successive programmes will continue to be run in the UK and US during late 2019 and early 2020. The ultimate goal of Unreasonable Impact is to create a global network centered around scaling impact entrepreneurs as job creators worldwide.


Unreasonable Impact is privileged to have worked with the following companies during last year’s Asia Pacific programme. Selected 2019 ventures will be shared in the coming months.

Husk Power Systems

Powering rural communities with 100 percent renewable energy, through one of the world’s lowest-cost hybrid power plant and distribution networks.

Fourth Partner Energy

Leading the development of India’s distributed solar solutions, completing over 1,500 grid-connected and off-grid installations across 22 states.


Leveraging an IoT/SaaS platform to help manufacturers save time, money, and resources in the form of significant material, energy, and waste reduction.

Ampere Vehicles

Developing affordable, clean, and efficient electric vehicles to provide freedom of mobility, convenience, and empowerment to India’s aspiring middle class.

Ecozen Solutions

Changing the way India handles its perishables by building the country’s first-ever solar cold storage chain and providing intelligent solar pumping technology.


Creating the future of aquaculture with an IoT smart feeding technology to help hundreds of millions of farmers at the bottom of the pyramid.

FatHopes Energy

Converting waste oil into renewable biofuels that feed into the existing petroleum infrastructure, leading to a low-carbon future.


Transforming streetlights into resource-efficient platforms with proprietary IoT sensors, saving cities millions of dollars in electricity and maintenance.

RAD Green Solutions

Treating infectious biomedical waste safely with its revolutionary, environmentally friendly, non-incineration technology.

Ampd Energy

Developing state-of-the-art lithium-ion energy storage systems to provide clean, affordable, and dependable electricity to the billions of people who need it globally.


Democratizing healthcare with an AI-powered software that rapidly, affordably, and reliably diagnoses critical health conditions from medical images.

Leaf Resources

Utilizing a technology with the potential to replace virtually all petroleum-derived materials to transform plant biomass into sustainable products.

Heaven Springs Dynasty Harvest Group

Utilizing solar power and renewable energy to harvest safe drinking water from plain air in an efficient, low-carbon, eco-friendly way.


Fostering electrical democratization worldwide through its next-generation power semiconductors, with designs one-tenth the size of current devices.


We are forever grateful to the mentors and specialists who participate in the Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific programmes.

Vaswar Mitra

Specialist // Treasury, India

Renu Vasanth Kumar

SpecialGuest // Head of Citizenship, Asia Pacific, Barclays Bank Plc

Mark Thain

Specialist // Director, Social Innovation at Barclays

Carson Au Yeung

Specialist // China Country Manager, Barclays

Jed Lynch

Mentor // Head of Social Impact Investment Banking, Barclays

Uma Ratnam Krishnan

Mentor // Co-CEO, Barclays Global Service Centre, India

James Brownlie

Specialist // Business Manager, APAC

KK Tse

Mentor // Co-Founder & Chief Education Officer at Education for Good; Co-Founder at Dream Impact

Meera Vasudevan

Mentor // Co-Founder, Preferred Brands International; Chief Marketing Officer and Executive VP of Product Development

Garrett MacDonald

Specialist // Partner, East Node Capital

Sam Padgett

Specialist // VP, Investment Banking - Financial Sponsors

Mohanjit Jolly

Mentor // Global Investor — Current Partner at Iron Pillar VC, Former Partner at Garage Ventures and DFJ

Toshio Sugaya

Specialist // Director, Banking

Vikas Bhalotia

Specialist // Senior Portfolio Manager, APAC

Rachel Huf

Mentor // Managing Director, Barclays Bank

Hunter Lovins

Mentor // TIME Magazine Hero & President of Natural Capitalism Solutions

Parvinder Rehal

Specialist // Head of Future Workforce Innovation at The Dock, Accenture's Global Centre for Innovation

Leena Dandekar

Mentor // Founder, Raintree Family Office, Raintree Ventures, Raintree Impact

Jeff Hoffman

Mentor // Serial Entrepreneur, Experienced CEO, Worldwide Motivational Speaker, Board Advisor, Film and Music Producer

Tom Chi

Mentor // Founder of Prototype Thinking, Lab Director of the Planet, Former Lead at Google X

Sara Kalick

Specialist // Leadership and strategy consultant, The Possibilitarians

Keyur Patel

Mentor // Serial Entrepreneur - Media & Technology

Anna Rios

SpecialGuest // Serial Entrepreneur + Unreasonable Wife

Ashok Vasudevan

Mentor // Executive and Entrepreneur, CEO of Preferred Brands International and Chairman of Tasty Bite Eatables

Jimmy Tao

Entrepreneur // CEO at Vitargent

Mike Rios

Specialist // Chief Innovation Officer at 17 Triggers. Marketing and Meditation Specialist

Jane Chen

Entrepreneur // CEO & Co-Founder of Embrace

Yukako Caffrey

Specialist // Deputy COO, Japan 

Prashant Tandon

Entrepreneur // Chief Executive Officer and Founder of 1mg Technologies

Sarah Nuernberger

Specialist // Innovation/Experience Strategy Lead at fuseproject

Parminder Vir OBE

Mentor // CEO at Tony Elumelu Foundation, Entrepreneurship Catalyst, and Award-winning TV and Film Producer

Sadia Harper

Specialist // UX and Product Strategy Lead at fuseproject

Samir Inamdar

Mentor // Co-founder, Managing Director and CEO of Forum Synergies

Adrish Ghosh

Specialist // Head, Sales India

Andrew Henville

Specialist // Head, Employment Law APAC

Jong Jin Park

Specialist // Head, Investments - Asia TFI

Rajeev Ghadi

Specialist // CFO, India

Tejas Moogimane

Specialist // Director, EFS Trading

Peter Corrigan

Mentor // Managing Director, Barclays Capital

Alexander Harrison

Mentor // Head Of Corporate Banking, Asia Pacific and Middle East at Barclays

Mark Dearlove

Mentor // CEO, Japan and Head of Markets, Asia Pacific for Barclays

Alka Goel

Mentor // Alkemi Venture Partners

Mahesh Venkateswaran

Specialist // Chief Growth Officer at