This 90-minute event will be viewable for 72 hours starting September 29 12:00 PM EDT.

Unreasonable Impact

COVID-19 Response Exclusive Summit

The global impact of COVID-19 is unlike anything any of us has seen in our lifetimes. Barclays and Unreasonable believe it is imperative to support entrepreneurial solutions that are addressing immediate and long term challenges resulting from the pandemic. Together we identified 23 companies that are leveraging business to directly make an impact on COVID-19 and awarded a total of $2 mil USD to support their efforts.

In July, each of the 10 companies in the first round took the stage, along with our world-class keynote speakers, to share their impactful work with the world. If you missed the event or would like to re-watch it, we have made it available here. Now we are launching another virtual stage for a second round of 13 companies. The event will be viewable for 72 hours starting September 29, 12:00 PM EDT.

This is not just another virtual event or conference. In addition to hearing the breakthrough innovative work of each of the 13 grant recipients, as a viewer, you will also learn about the key needs they have in scaling their impact. If you want to become a part of the solution we’ll make it easy for you to reach out to the CEOs and make an introduction. This is about the world not only being exposed to remarkable solutions but also playing an active role in scaling their impactful work.

 Further details can be found in the below FAQs

Keynote Speakers

Venus Williams

Venus Williams

Tennis Champion, Human Rights Activist, Entrepreneur

Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely

Behavioral Economics, Best Selling Author

Christiana Musk

Christiana Musk

Food Nerd, Investor, Unreasonable Board Member

Catherine McGrath

Catherine McGrath

Head of UK Channels, Barclays

Travis Barnes

Travis Barnes

Head of Debt Capital Markets and Risk Solutions Group, Barclays

Daniel Epstein

Daniel Epstein

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Unreasonable CEO

Meet the 13 Grant Recipients

Each of these companies were already solving pressing global issues. Watch the event to learn how they have pivoted their work to specifically tackle the challenges related to COVID-19.


Utilizing the Internet of Things and the latest in cloud computing to create systems that predict, monitor and manage the needs of buildings


Responsibly and sustainably feeding humanity by growing flavorful, safe, and healthy food in the world's largest indoor vertical farm.

Air Protein

Using microbes to convert elements of air into a sustainable protein product


Delivering essential skills training in three-minute lessons on any mobile phone — learners simply call, text, or click to access a world of learning.

Green Fuels

The world’s leading supplier of biodiesel processors, producing over 400 million liters of sustainable fuel every year in over 50 countries.

Laurus Bio (formerly Richcore India)

Eliminating contamination risks and creating safer medicines with animal origin free (AOF) proteins.


Bringing safe and hygienic fresh fruits and vegetables to the marketplace by empowering all shareholders in the agricultural value chain.


The first intelligent alternative communication software for people living with disabilities, helping 20,000 people more easily interact with others.

Purpose Works

Enabling sustainability, agility, and operational efficiency in global supply chains for PPE


3D-printing objects 30 times larger than competing desktop models, at a more affordable cost.

Sure Chill

Disrupting the entire cooling industry with new technology that doesn't require a constant power source, enabling refrigeration of food products, life-saving vaccines, and more.


Facilitating access to an easier-to-understand internet for children, teenagers, people with a low level of literacy, immigrants, and the elderly.

Árvore Educação

Improving students' literacy skills and understanding of local and world events through a digital reading platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind this?

The COVID-19 Response is an extension of Unreasonable Impact, a multi-year partnership between Barclays and Unreasonable Group supporting growth-stage entrepreneurs solving many of the world’s most pressing issues across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Co-founded in 2016, Unreasonable Impact actively supports more than 100 companies with operations in over 150 countries. We work exclusively with growth-stage entrepreneurs whose ventures have the potential to employ thousands of people worldwide while solving some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. Head to the Unreasonable Impact website for more information on this global initiative. You can also read our 2019 Impact Report highlighting our progress to date.

What was the process and criteria you used to select the participating entrepreneurs?

Today, via a global Fellowship, Unreasonable is actively supporting more than 200 CEOs who are leading for-profit companies dedicated to solving global issues. These “Unreasonable Fellows” have collectively raised more than $4.7 billion and are positively impacting north of 350 million lives. We reached out across this community of growth-stage entrepreneurs to see if they had pivoted to combat the challenges related to COVID-19, and our teams at Barclays and Unreasonable were blown away. We had 88 applications in only a week, and a selection committee ultimately awarded 23 Unreasonable Fellows with a total of $2 mil USD in grants ranging from $25k – $100k. These grant recipients represent some of the most compelling and effective solutions we’ve seen towards combating the challenges related to the pandemic. Our team at Unreasonable is forever grateful to Barclays for their generous contribution and consistent support of high-impact companies.

What tech will I need in order to join?

You’ll only need your computer, tablet, or smartphone and the URL link we’ll provide by email to stream through your web browser. If you’re experiencing any difficulty, we suggest trying a different browser (Chrome) or changing your device (like a tablet or smartphone). Our team is working around the clock to build a customized platform so that you can not only watch the live event but also have the ability to reach out to each of the grant recipients and make offers to help. If we all rally behind their solutions, we can make a collective impact that is far greater on the pandemic than any one company could make on their own.

I’m getting invited to a lot of digital events. What makes this one different?

We are glad you asked. This live event is about going beyond words and into action. Over the course of just 90 minutes, you will not only get exposed to the work of 13 for-profit companies combating COVID-19 in remarkably hope-inspiring ways, but you will also have the opportunity to reach out to the grant recipients directly. At the end of each 4-minute talk, the presenting entrepreneurs will share what their key needs are to scale their impact. We are going to invite you, along with the thousands of others who tune in, the opportunity to connect with any of the grant recipients, along with messages specifying how you would like to support.

I still have questions...

If you have any questions regarding this event beyond what is answered on this page, please email [email protected].

Privacy Policy:

To register for this event we request your full name and contact information to keep you up to date with the event both before and after, and to follow up with you regarding your interactions at the event. This data may be shared for administrative purposes only with event co-sponsors. Unreasonable respects the importance of your privacy and will always set the highest standard to protect it. You can read more about Unreasonable’s privacy practices here.

This is a live event, the views or opinions expressed by those on stage are those of the individuals speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of the organisers or broadcasters. Viewer discretion is advised.


Neither the Event nor any information provided by Barclays Capital Inc., any of its affiliates, nor any of their respective officers, directors, agents or employees (collectively, “Barclays”) in connection with the Unreasonable Impact COVID-19 Response Exclusive Summit, constitutes or forms part of an offer to sell or purchase, or the solicitation of an offer to sell or purchase, any securities or any of the businesses or assets of any start-up participant in the Unreasonable Impact COVID-19 Response Exclusive Summit (each, a “Participant”) or an offer or recommendation to enter into any transaction or other relationship, or an offer or commitment to provide, arrange or underwrite any financing.

Barclays (a) is not making any warranty, representation or undertaking, express or implied, as to any Participant or any information or materials provided (in writing or otherwise) in connection with this Event, the suitability of any investment or the performance of any investment, or (b) is not providing any endorsement, recommendation or advice in connection with any investment in, or transaction or other relationship with, any Participant. Barclays has not independently verified any of the information provided by the Participants. The entire risk as to any investment, transaction or other relationship with respect to any Participant is with the investor or the person who enters into a transaction or other relationship with the Participant, and neither Barclays nor any of its affiliates will have any liability in connection with such an investment, transaction or other relationship.