Unreasonable Fellows

Abdul Waheed

Founder | Chief Innovation Officer | Business Development at Hydrogen Vehicle Systems

Abdul is an Unreasonable Fellow. Abdul was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2023.
Growing up in the 1980s filled Abdul's mind with innovation. The Cassette Walkman. Personal Computers. So when he learned H₂O was more than just a fancy name for water, he knew hydrogen would fuel the future and began his research. In 2017 he shared his hydrogen vision with propulsion engineer Emil Rangelov, and Hydrogen Vehicle Systems was born.
By 2020, they were a systems-integration company with a first-to-market plan. But risk-averse grant funders and investors required USP. A market differentiator. He took on the Chief Innovation Officer role and devised the HVS Intellectual Property Strategy.
Now their flagship patent pending SEMAS® proprietary hydrogen fuel-saving technology is here. The result? Lower fleet operation costs make their vehicles cheaper to operate than competitors. Their strategic partner Euro Garages has over 4,000 filling stations across UK & Europe.