Unreasonable Fellows

Alan Yu

Founder & CEO at ID Water

Alan is an Unreasonable Fellow. Alan was part of Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2021 (Nov).
2013 My faith found me. Since then, I want to do something beneficial to others. 
2015 I met MIT media lad workshop and found my talent in Innovation and Startup.
2017 The documentary-Before the Flood make me be willing to transfer my entrepreneurship direction to find the solution to climate issues.
2018 I found mangrove destruction by traditional aquaculture.
2019 I have been to Beijing, Vietnam, Finland and Boston to participate in accelerator to know more about startup and innovative mode.
2020 Innovative shrimp farming skill successfully built and extent the culture area.
2021 AIIoT shrimp farm system accomplished and cooperate indoor shrimp farm with solar energy company.