Unreasonable Fellows

Alicia Garden

CEO at Goanna Ag

Alicia is an Unreasonable Fellow. Alicia was part of Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2023.
Alicia began as a software engineer in her family company Agrecon, which developed crop and weather forecasting models. She sold the company in 2010 to Grain Growers Limited, where she was eventually promoted to CEO.
As CEO, Alicia delivered a refined strategy and operating plan. During her tenure, Grain Growers was appointed the Representative Organisation for the grains industry by Australia's Minister for Agriculture. She also conducted a complete review and reallocation of a $100M investment portfolio and acquired a technical services company to deliver a sustainable business model.
In 2016 Alicia left Grain Growers to establish Goanna Ag with Delta Agribusiness. She holds a degree in Computer Science and a deferred degree in Mechatronic Engineering.