Unreasonable Team

Bev (Beverley) Wright

Unreasonable Board Member, Executive Leadership & Business Coach, People-Centric Approach to Organization Change

Bev (Beverley) is an Unreasonable Board Member and Mentor. Bev (Beverley) has participated in 2 programs, including Unreasonable CHANGE 2022, and has advised over 23 Unreasonable companies.
 Bev Wright, Professional Certified Coach, founder, and CEO of Wright Choice Group, Leadership Coaching, and Consulting, assists clients from entry-level managers to C-Suite executives to become leaders of choice. In partnership with Bev, they increase their effectiveness by being more intentional in the ways they lead others and in choosing to continuously grow their leadership and management skills. Through a coaching partnership with her clients, they can leverage ROP (Return on People) to increase their return on investment while achieving challenging business and personal objectives. Bev’s personal and professional experience imbues her with an uncommon view and understanding of her client’s needs and their work environments. She has been both an “intrapreneur” who built teams and internal businesses inside a Fortune 50 Technology services company and an entrepreneur who knows what it takes to build a successful company in a competitive and increasingly global marketplace. 
In the words of one of her long time clients, "She teaches fishing and makes it fun and productive rather than just providing answers. Her approach to coaching is to understand what our clients are trying to achieve and become their accountability partner using her skills and experience to support them in achieving their goals."