Unreasonable Mentors

Bradley Hicks

Founder / Entrepreneur / Investor

Bradley is an Unreasonable Mentor. Bradley was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2023, and has advised over 13 Unreasonable companies.
Bradley is an investor, Founder, and impact-oriented thinker around the convergence of capital, social impact, and future-focused values. Bradley has been an angel investor for over 10 years with a personal portfolio of 50+ companies and funds. He is Co-Founder and a Partner of Peaceful Group, a freshly launched platform innovating in governance and digital democracy, along with an impact Venture investment arm.
He is Co-Founder of Float Lab Technologies, the premium sensory deprivation chamber manufacturing company; and Co-Founder of Resonance Lab, a healing platform treating people and training therapists in the Fascia Integrative Technique.
Bradley previously worked at RedBird Capital Partners, where he underwrote investments in Technology, Sports, and Entertainment.
Prior to RedBird, Bradley served as a Naval Officer in Naval Special Warfare for 10.5 years. During his time as a SEAL, he deployed overseas five times to support National Security missions. He repeatedly led high-performing teams in dynamic environments with steep learning curves.
Photo of Bradley Hicks