Unreasonable Mentors

Carl Jefferson

Chief People Officer at Unreasonable

Carl is an Unreasonable Mentor. Carl has participated in 3 programs, including Unreasonable Impact Americas 2023, and has advised over 40 Unreasonable companies.
Carl “CJ” Jefferson serves as Unreasonable's Chief People Officer. He began his career in HR, Organizational Culture and People Performance in the hospitality industry supporting hotel / restaurant brands after being recruited from his role as a hotel lifeguard (there is a great story here). CJ is passionate about how positive people relationships powers performance, profits and business possibilities. His career and entrepreneurial assignments include founding a performance centered leadership consulting group and serving in corporate executive HR, DEI and OD posts in the retail, hospitality and financial services sectors. His work has included leading, facilitating, coaching & advising US Presidential Appointees, CEOs, Corporate Board Directors and women founders & entrepreneurs. He is a coach, collaborator and leadership development professional. He holds advanced certifications and graduate degrees in business, psychology and organizational leadership. He recently co-developed the H.E.A.L Heuristic (A framework to support resiliency and recovery from identity trauma and the stressors associated with being excluded and marginalized). He has a special place in his heart for the therapeutic superpowers of mercy, humanity, horses, dogs and nature as our grand classroom.