Unreasonable Fellows

Caroline Hooft-Slootweg

Co-Founder, CCO/CMO at Kelp Blue

Caroline is an Unreasonable Fellow. Caroline was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2022 (Nov - Dec).
Together with Daniel Hooft, Caroline co-founded Kelp Blue in 2020, one month before all global travel came to a pandemic halt. Before being 100% dedicated to Kelp Blue, Caroline was an international start-up and change management leader and has previously held various roles at WPP & Unilever in digital and quantitative marketing. She’s mentored more than 20 start-up teams at Bayer in (agricultural) technology 2 of those are now company spin-offs. She’s lived in New York, London, Bangkok, Singapore and Amsterdam.
Her Dutch-American background and her experience working on different continents and in multi-cultural environments helped hone her team building skills, ability to work with speed, precision & clarity, and she navigates different cultures with ease. Outside of the office, Caroline sailed half-way around the world in the Clipper
Round the World yacht race and she’s a keen forager and cook. She’s also Board Chair of the Kelp Forest Foundation, a non-for-profit focused on advancing the knowledge and research of all things related to kelp ecosystems.