Unreasonable Fellows

Carrie Howe

Managing Director at What The Future

Carrie is an Unreasonable Fellow. Carrie was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2023.
Kickstarted by her passion for the sea through sport and pleasure, Carolyn spent 7 years as a seven-time World Champion sailor, competing in the Olympics. Then, a previous sponsor of her Olympics campaign – an equipment brand – asked her to run the brand. During this 8-year growth period with the company, she realized the inefficiencies and polluting strategies of fashion and brands. This fueled her to look further into what she could do in her lifetime to make a change. She was determined to use her resources and energy to help move the needle forward. To protect our planet and hope that our children's children can freely swim in our lakes and oceans and that businesses are responsible for their environmental impact. Now, she is on a mission to rethink how products are made so that they ultimately do not end up in the ocean. This work spans multiple industries but with the same key goals: Minimize waste, upcycle, and recycle and demand accountability for all businesses and individuals.