Unreasonable Team

Christiana Musk

Unreasonable Chairwoman, Flourish Ventures, passionate about the future of food

Christiana is an Unreasonable Board Member, Syndicate Investor, and Mentor. Christiana has participated in 6 programs, including Unreasonable GOALS 2023 (Costa Rica), and has advised over 84 Unreasonable companies.
Christiana serves as Chairwoman of the board of Unreasonable Group, a company designed to back entrepreneurs positioned to bend history in the right direction through immersive programs for growth-stage entrepreneurs offering solutions to seemingly intractable challenges. She's also the host of BBC podcast Unreasonable Impact: Food Solutions. Christiana is the founder of Flourish Trust, a philanthropic fund focused on catalyzing healing for people and the planet. Her background spans environmental and social entrepreneurship, investment, non-profit and foundation leadership. She created the Flourish capsule for the Near Future Summit to showcase innovations shaping the future of food including culinary activations and a multi-media immersion in the future of protein. Since 2008 she has been an operating partner at Satori Capital, an investment firm focused on sustainable investing and has served on the board and executive committee of Global Green, USA for a decade. 
Previously, her research at City, University of London focused on the future of meat from a food policy perspective received a prize from the British Farmers Livery. She was the Executive Director of Food Choice Taskforce, a focused research, communications and policy initiative on sustainable diets and led the food system program for Avatar Alliance Foundation where she worked closely with think tank Chatham House to develop award winning global research on livestock and climate change and led a multi-stakeholder policy initiative focused on sustainable diets. She was a co-founder of Zaadz.com- an online network for people who want to change the world, which was sold to Gaiam, inc. in 2007. Christiana was a founding partner of one of the largest clean-energy companies in the country, Green Mountain Energy, which sold to NRG, inc. in September 2010. A sought after public speaker, she has presented to audiences around the world from the United Nations Climate Change Conferences to the Aspen Ideas Festival. Christiana’s unique perspective as a twenty-something businesswoman landed her on the cover of Kiplinger's and inside The New York Times, C Magazine, the Dallas Morning News and The Herald Tribune, and CNN among other outlets. She lives with her husband Kimbal Musk and their children in Colorado.