Unreasonable Mentors

Christopher Aw

Investor / adviser / technologist - focused on the sectors of film, finance, food/agriculture, waste management, water, energy, healthcare, and industries that are experiencing technological transformation

Christopher is an Unreasonable Mentor. Christopher has participated in 2 programs, including Unreasonable Impact Americas 2022, and has advised over 24 Unreasonable companies.
Christopher Aw is CIO at a private SFO. Additionally, he invests in early-stage technology companies that are revolutionizing traditional industries. He also consults for nations, VCs, and multi-nationals in the areas of technology and investing.
He served in the United States Air Force in technology and intelligence fields both operationally and in research and development. He has worked at a US think tank supporting the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in a $20B per year investment vehicle evaluating technology investments across multiple disciplines. Subsequently, he founded his own companies in cyber security and technology consulting.
Chris is on the board of Operation Snow Leopard which focuses on supporting the evacuation and ongoing support of Afghanistan refugees. He is also on the board of Veterans in Media and Entertainment which supports military veterans entering the film and entertainment industry. Lastly, he also volunteers with programs that support female entrepreneurs such as, the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards, FYLI, and multiple others.