Unreasonable Mentors

Clare Stewart Munn

CEO | Founder at Box Media

Clare Stewart is an Unreasonable Collective Member and Fellow. Clare Stewart was part of Unreasonable FUTURE 2019.
Media Tech Executive and entrepreneur focused on hacking learning through effective relatable storytelling and personalization.
I was born in Zimbabwe and in my late teens wrote a film to engage/educate children about Africa and the environment, and this was licensed by Paramount/Simon & Schuster Interactive. In parallel co-founded Penga Partners with a vision to disrupt tired content in the workplace. This became Employment Law Training Inc. owned by Littler Mendleson. ELT-Inc.com became the first multidimensional online site for compliance story based training. Instrumental in raising $15 million from Lazard and selling for multiple X ten years later. 
After ELT, Munn became EVP of Global BD & Partnerships instrumental in raising Series B $22 million for Playback Media, a $28M venture back software and media company founded in 1998 in Silicon Valley to deliver cutting edge e- Learning videos to Global 50 companies. 
Even though both companies had success, I knew I had to wait for fast streaming for effective mixed media to really change behavior, and so continued in the film world and in parallel somehow founded a consultancy firm that became an award winning boutique agency called TCG (The Communication Group) focused on on creating brand and digital strategies for Fortune 100 clients including Hitachi, Maxtor, Cisco, McKesson, wework, AMD, ebay, Danskin, Eddie Bauer etc. This became the 1st 50 Green Certified company in San Francisco. 
During this time coined and trademarked CQ: Communication Quotient: Expressive & Receptive Intelligence, and H2H, Human 2 Human.
As a proud Executive Producer of The Square - a 3 Emmy, Oscar Nominated film with Netflix, I knew streaming was finally here and time to realize my vision of 20 years ago and Box Media (Boxspring Entertainment) was founded. We were the first 100 to sign the Equal Pay Pledge. I love what I do and who I do it with.