Unreasonable Mentors

Dan MacCombie

Coach & Facilitator / Entrepreneur in Residence, Dev Equity

Dan is an Unreasonable Mentor. Dan has participated in 4 programs, including Unreasonable FUTURE 2019, and has advised over 55 Unreasonable companies.
I'm a social entrepreneur with a passion for creating new pathways and models for connecting communities, livelihoods, food, and ecosystems in a way that re-imagines how we can connect with our planet. 
After studying marine biology and sustainable development at Brown, I and my partners wrote the business plan for Runa, an Amazonian tea company, in 2008. Upon graduation, we moved to Ecuador to found the company, eventually growing it to support over 3,000 farmers’ sustainable livelihoods, planting hundreds of thousands of guayusa tea trees in agroforestry systems. Runa is now sold in over 10,000 stores in the US and Canada, and has received numerous press and recognitions for their work, including Forbes 30 under 30. I now work as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at a social investment fund focusing on food systems and urban development in Latin America.
I am passionate about bringing together social impact, entrepreneurship, and personal growth in all my work. Since 2016, I’ve been Entrepreneur in Residence at Dev Equity. We invest in Latin American communities, impact businesses, and agriculture. I find partners, and advise them throughout their growth.
I coach and facilitate, especially at Evryman. We help men connect to our emotions, communities, and lived experience, moving past outdated versions of masculinity. I build and lead programming and community: retreats, men’s groups, local hubs, and new online training and community platform. Together, this is my work: healing disconnection from our inner selves, our fullest and most authentic experiences and expression, and each other.
When I'm not building and growing businesses, I love skiing, scuba diving, biking, photography, woodworking, and exploring NYC and the world at large.