Unreasonable Fellows

Daniel Martínez

Co-Founder & Director of Innovation at Copper3D

Daniel is an Unreasonable Fellow. Daniel was part of Unreasonable Goals 2018.
Daniel Martínez is a Chilean Healthcare professional passionate about innovation and the impact it can have on the quality of life of people. His professional career has been linked to management and marketing in healthcare organizations. In 2008 he obtained an MBA in Chile. Then, in 2016 he started a MSc. of Innovation, which led to a profound change in his way of seeing the world. He began to see global problems as a big challenges and opportunities to generate a huge impact with creative, innovative, and disruptive solutions. A typical day of Daniel consists of a mix between academia (he is professor of innovation in several universities) and his activities as Chief Innovation Officer at Copper3D, where he is responsible for the short term (commercial and marketing strategy) and the long term (new products for the portfolio, new business models and strategic alliances). He likes running and trekking in the pre-mountain range of Santiago, reading novels and books about innovation and science, and spending as much time as he can with his family. He is the father of three wonderful children, Santiago, Dominga, and Catalina, and he currently lives in Santiago de Chile with Carolina, his wife for seven years.
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