Elizabeth is an Unreasonable Fellow. Elizabeth was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2022 (Feb - Apr).
Elizabeth Nyeko is Founder & CEO of Modularity Grid, a cleantech company focused on delivering the next generation of low carbon electrical power systems for terrestrial and aerospace applications. In 2012, while pursuing a PhD in clinical medicine at the University of Oxford, Nyeko set up a biomass-powered mini-grid back in Uganda with her brother Peter and their company, Mandulis Energy. As Nyeko learned at Mandulis Energy, the electricity demand of individual customers is very hard to track, which typically leads to overproduction of power, inefficient use of fuels, and inflated electricity prices.
As CEO of Modularity Grid, Nyeko builds technologies that improve the performance of mini-grids, small-scale electricity generation and distribution systems that power homes and businesses in areas where extending national grids is too expensive. Eventually, Nyeko believes her solution can also help make national grids more efficient—in Africa and beyond.