Unreasonable Mentors

Erik Serrano Berntsen

CEO, Stable Asset Management

Erik is an Unreasonable Mentor. Erik was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2021, and has advised over 15 Unreasonable companies.
Erik Serrano Berntsen is CEO of Stable Asset Management, responsible for defining and executing the firm’s Investment Strategy. Stable builds Strategic Partnerships with talented investors and helps them build world-class investment firms. With offices in New York and London, Stable’s track record of success is down to working with inspiring investors and business-builders. Prior to Stable, Erik was a consultant with Bain & Co., where he executed both private equity deal studies and investment opportunity sizing deals as part of the Private Equity Group (PEG), and participated in a broad spectrum of corporate client engagements for clients including banks and asset managers. A believer in education as a tool for change, Erik supports initiatives such as the LSE Alternative Investment Conference, the largest student conference for alternatives globally, and the charity Grit. Erik holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Keble College, University of Oxford and a Masters of Business Administration with honours and a Concentration in Finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.