Unreasonable Mentors

Esther Wojcicki

Founder of the Global Moonshots in Education movement and Co-Founder of TractLearning, Inc

Esther is an Unreasonable Mentor. Esther has participated in 2 programs, including Unreasonable FUTURE 2019, and has advised over 31 Unreasonable companies.
Esther Wojcicki is a world-renowned educator, award-winning journalist, edtech pioneer, and vice chair of the Creative Commons board of directors. With a background in education and technology, Esther founded the journalism program at Palo Alto High School in 1984 and grew it to one of the largest journalism programs in the nation.
Esther has been intimately involved with Google and GoogleEdu since its inception, where she was one of the leaders in setting up the Google Teacher Academy and remains a guiding force.