Unreasonable Mentors

Jason Van Gaal

Principal 0MC Capital | Perpetual Entrepreneur

Jason is an Unreasonable Mentor. Jason was part of Unreasonable Impact Americas 2023, and has advised over 15 Unreasonable companies.
Technical founder. 4 time entrepreneur. In data center space and AI space. 2 successful exits. Very passionate about helping support the transition to our sustainable future.
Seem to have a story for many situations. Board trying to remove me, missing payroll, investors and acquirers changing terms last minute, scaling so fast you are breaking, trying to make business and love work together, etc.
Have mentored in CDL green stream the last 4 years. Support c100. We invest in founders first and businesses second. Love supporting our broad range of portiflo founders. Capex intensive businesses in energy space is an area my technical experience seems to lend well too.
Hope I can help.