Unreasonable Fellows

Jerry Callahan

Founder and CEO at Heatworks

Jerry is an Unreasonable Fellow. Jerry was part of Unreasonable Impact US 2017.
CEO with deep experience in a wide range of businesses, with a solid track record in starting up, growing and fixing companies..
Founder, CEO, and inventor of the technology behind ISI Technology - the world's first electronic water heater, which saves significant amounts of energy, water, space and connects to the Internet of Things.
President and CEO of National Packaging Solutions Group - Largest provider of JIT packaging solutions. 9 acquisitions in 30 months.
President of Blue Rhino - largest propane cylinder exchange company.
Dynapower/Stratopower - Leading manufacturer of aerospace and commercial high end hydraulic pumps, motors, and systems.
12 years of private equity experience
8 years of turnaround experience
Specialties: strategic planning, profit improvement and general management consulting, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, turnaround and interim management, sales growth, mentoring, board of directors