Unreasonable Fellows

Jill Hodges

Former CEO at Fire Tech

Jill is an Unreasonable Fellow. Jill was part of Unreasonable FUTURE 2021.
Jill began her career working in the public and non profit sectors, supporting entrepreneurial development in immigrant communities. From there she went to Wharton for an MBA in Finance and moved into consulting in the US and Europe. She moved to London with Credit Suisse as an Equity Analyst for consumer goods and leisure companies. After maternity leave Jill joined several hedge funds on the asset raising side, and worked as a partner in a small firm networking Family Offices to fund and private equity direct investments. Jill founded Fire Tech in 2013, after realising that her own children were not being prepared to be innovators and creators in their formal education. Jill was CEO of Fire Tech for 8 years, where she spent time thinking about how to empower young people with tech skills so that across the globe they will be ready to be active citizens and entrepreneurs in a more and more digital world. Fire Tech was acquired by MyTutor and Jill is now thinking about the next big problem that needs solving!