Jonathan is an Unreasonable Fellow. Jonathan was part of Unreasonable Goals 2017.
As CEO, Jonathan is responsible for Carnegie's technology development activities including the technology development strategy and roadmap, liaison with external R&D teams, management of all engineering and design staff and ensuring the company is at the forefront of clean energy developments. Jonathan has been with Carnegie since the early days and has overseen the scale up of the CETO technology from small to large scale including the successful deployment, operation, and independent verification of a commercial scale test. He managed the diverse team of engineers and scientists to deliver the first grid connected CETO wave energy project. He is currently overseeing the design of the megawatt scale CETO 6 and is increasingly involved in the solar-battery side of the business following the recent acquisition of Energy Made Clean. Jonathan has a Mechatronic Engineering degree with broad experience covering areas such as product development, mechanical and electronic design, intellectual property management, and customer liaison. He is named on numerous patents. Prior to commencing at Carnegie, Jonathan was a leader in the commercialization of a new structural monitoring technology used in the US and Europe, including crack detection systems utilized in Eurofighter, Eurocopter and A380 Air designs.
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