Unreasonable Mentors

Joseph Gridley

Supporting AgriFood Startups to Thrive in Southern Europe

Joseph is an Unreasonable Mentor. Joseph was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2018, and has advised over 11 Unreasonable companies.
I have spent my career designing and delivering projects that have a positive impact on the lives of others. I studied Law and Social Anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies before moving to New York and working at the UN Headquarters in international justice. Returning to the UK, I left large institutions behind and helped launch the UK office of the children's charity 'Free The Children' which had been started by a 12 year old boy in Canada. Over 4 years, I helped grow that charity into one of the largest educational partners for schools in the UK building partnerships with the UK government, leading UK businesses (e.g. Virgin Atlantic and Barclays) and even the royal family! In 2014, I took up a position with the Mayor of London overseeing youth unemployment projects and how we could support the capital's charities to be more entrepreneurial. In 2016, I took my largest challenge to date and built the KellyDeli Foundation from scratch, a new philanthropic project for two food entrepreneurs. Focused on tackling food insecurity and food poverty with entrepreneurialism, I built an accelerator programme, made investments in social enterprises around the world and had a far-reaching grant programme in supporting refugees to start food businesses. The Foundation closed a few months ago and I joined EIT Food, a multi-billion Euro backed initiative to transform Europe's food system to make it better for people's health and for the environment. At EIT Food, I lead on all their startup support activities in Southern Europe (from idea to Series A investment!).