Unreasonable Mentors

Kacy Qua

Innovation and Strategy Consultant, Founder, Former X PRIZE Designer

Kacy is an Unreasonable Mentor. Kacy was part of Unreasonable GOALS 2018, and has advised over 16 Unreasonable companies.
Kacy Qua is a work whisperer – startup advisor, strategy consultant, and personal growth guru. Between leading a prize design team to disrupt our global education system with Peter Diamandis at the X PRIZE, experimenting in cutting edge employment models with Tony Hsieh, and partnering with a wide variety of visionaries to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges, she has learned to innovate from the best. She was self taught to an early diploma, Ivy League educated, and has enjoyed an almost two decade long career including everything from founding a mission driven apprenticeship business, to working and consulting for top tier universities, globally renowned companies, and cutting edge startups. Despite this impressive career, she is most proud of her work helping people redefine success. She started this path as a teen performing Jungian personality tests on co-workers and has continued ever since.
She is based in Santa Monica, CA and advises mission driven enterprises including Mannabase (Universal Basic Income centric cryptocurrency) and Propeller.la. Most recently, Kacy has been working on her book, 10 Questions You Never Ask and hosting Question Salons to explore the material in her book as a tool for building more meaningful careers and companies.