Unreasonable Mentors

Kelly Kimball

Founder, Vitu, F5 Collective, Investor

Kelly is an Unreasonable Syndicate Investor and Mentor. Kelly has participated in 3 programs, including Unreasonable Impact Americas 2023, and has advised over 43 Unreasonable companies.
Kelly Kimball is a technology entrepreneur, political strategist, and lecturer. Kelly has pioneered a variety of business enterprises, taking them from start-ups to multi-million dollar corporations.
In 1991, Kelly founded SDR Technologies and assumed the roles of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. With government agency eFiling still in its infancy, Kelly saw the value in bridging the gap between paper and digital transmission of sensitive government data. To that end, he created the country’s first electronic filing system for political reporting. After SDR created the first government focused Internet filing system for the State of Hawaii, its install base grew dramatically to include numerous states and municipalities. The company also developed the Federal Elections Commission’s Internet filing system and Canada’s first e-Filing system for British Columbia.
As Vitu's Chairman, Kelly enables Vitu to forge strong relationships between government and business enterprise. With years of experience consulting governments worldwide, Kelly is widely recognized as a pioneer of practical eGovernment solutions and strategies.
As both a political strategist and technology evangelist, Kelly has been a regular fixture in North American media, and frequent lecturer on topics including Disruptive Business Strategies and Progressive Company Cultures.