Unreasonable Fellows

Kresse Wesling MBE

Co-Founder at Elvis & Kresse

Kresse is an Unreasonable Fellow. Kresse was part of Unreasonable Impact UK 2016.
 Kresse Wesling MBE, is a multi-award winning environmental entrepreneur – in 2012 she was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and in October 2011 she was the European winner of Cartier's Women's Initiative Awards.  Kresse is currently serving on Vince Cable’s entrepreneur’s forum. A business woman with three successful ventures to her credit, she saw the opportunity for a new company in 2005 while sitting in a class next to members of the UK Fire Brigade.  They were all taking a course on ISO 1400 standardisation that would enable them to implement an environmental management system.  The firemen were challenged with what to do about non-biodegradable fire hose that when decommissioned, went to land fill.  Kresse was there because she wanted to know more about how to perform an environmental audit in her businesses.  Thus, the idea for Elvis & Kresse was born, the company she started with her partner, Elvis.  E & K makes eco-friendly lifestyle accessories from reclaimed waste. The Fire Hose range of luxury bags and belts is crafted from London Fire Brigade hoses.  E & K scrubs away the soot, grease and dirt and creates belts (with buckles made from recycled pewter), stylish bags and wallets. Because of the fabric’s limited supply, Fire Hose accessories are aimed at the luxury market.  E & K gives 50% of Fire Hose profits to the Fire Brigade, which builds community spirit, secures E & K’s supply chain, and creates a story that appeals to customers. They are also exposing the outrageous margins in the luxury industry – because giving away half the profits isn’t an issue, despite the fact that E & K’s prices aren’t as high as many brands.