Unreasonable Fellows

Marc Ottolini

CEO at Airlabs

Marc is an Unreasonable Fellow.
Marc spent the 1st half of his career in the corporate sector at Philips Electronics, where he developed himself into an all-round business leader. He then made the transition to commercialising new technologies in global markets and has held CEO positions in professional LED signal applications, automotive battery protection, remote utility disconnect systems, explosive blast protection for the Defence & Security sector, smart LED lighting power & control networks, fuel additives for power stations and a super high-tech electric scooter.
Marc is now the CEO of Airlabs, a high-powered Anglo-Danish innovator in clean air technology. 
He is passionate about improving people’s lives by making air pollution visible for everyone and providing as many people as possible with clean and healthy air. Longer-term he wants to mobilise Airlabs’ R&D capabilities to find commercially viable ways to capture methane and CO2.
Marc holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering from Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) and an MBA from Erasmus University (Netherlands)/Simon School of Business (University of Rochester, USA).