Unreasonable Mentors

Marcus East

EVP & Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at T-Mobile

Marcus is an Unreasonable Mentor. Marcus was part of Unreasonable FUTURE 2019, and has advised over 15 Unreasonable companies.
Marcus is a technologist with a passion for driving change through the use of technology — a love affair that started when he was taught to program in elementary school at the age of nine.
Since then, he has built a reputation for being a 'creative technologist,’ someone who enjoys solving difficult problems in innovative ways, whether they are complex business challenges or life-changing social issues.
He has spent half of his career working for leading technology companies building world- class technology (Apple & IBM) and the other half of his career helping brands to harness the power of technology to drive business value — including Comic Relief, Marks and Spencer, and National Geographic.
Marcus attended The Latymer Grammar School in London and subsequently read for an honors degree at the London Metropolitan University majoring in Management & Information Technology, and a Master’s in Management (major in Social Enterprise) from the University of Cambridge.
He is a Fellow of the BCS (British Computer Society) Chartered Institute for Information Technology (FBCS) and a Member of the Chartered Management Institute (MCMI).
In his spare time, he enjoys watching soccer, building computers, investigating applications for blockchain technology, and traveling with his wife.