Unreasonable Fellows

Mary Hayes

CEO & Founder at Workbay

Mary is an Unreasonable Fellow. Mary was part of Unreasonable FUTURE 2019.
Mary Hayes is an entrepreneur who has founded multiple educational and learning companies, with over thirty years of experience in workforce development, educational publishing, teaching, and developing multimedia educational content for industry and government. Mary has won a number of awards related to the training she provided to corporations. She is a passionate advocate for access to education across North America, Europe and Africa. She works to connect people to easily accessible learning formats in an effort to lead them to future careers. As a business person, Mary is the Chief Executive Officer of Workbay LLC (USA, 2014) and of Engage Learning Systems (Canada, 2003). Clients include the Fortune 100, particularly from the retail, healthcare and manufacturing industries, community organizations and education. Mary resides in Tennessee where Workbay is headquartered, with frequent time in her home town of Toronto, Canada, where Engage Learning Systems is based. Engage also has an office in Nairobi, Kenya.