Unreasonable Fellows

Masaki Takao

Co-Founder & CEO at Jeplan

Masaki is an Unreasonable Fellow and Mentor. Masaki has participated in 2 programs, including Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2023, and has advised over 27 Unreasonable companies.
I was born in Osaka, Japan in 1980. I hold a BSc degree in Chemical Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology and studied Technology Management for Innovation at the University of Tokyo. In 2007, I founded JEPLAN with Michihiko Iwamoto and I have been in charge of the whole operation, including technology development, factory operation, finance, and management. I developed the bio-ethanol production technology from cotton in collaboration with a Osaka University. I also led a couple of research & development projects, such as ethanol production from waste gas, the mobile phone recycling process through pyrolysis, polyester chemical recycle process. I took over the role as CEO in March 2016. Now I am leading recycle facility constraction project from 2016.