Unreasonable Mentors

Mason Tan

Social Impact Investor who wishes to help others to make their dreams come true

Mason is an Unreasonable Mentor. Mason has participated in 2 programs, including Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2022, and has advised over 28 Unreasonable companies.
Mason leads the impact investment practice at Providentia Wealth Advisory and is a director of our impact fund, Garden Impact Fund VCC (GIF). Mason brings with him more than 30 years of professional working experience, including past 8 years as a pioneer in the field of social impact investing in Southeast Asia, working in the US for Big 4 public accounting, investment banking in Indonesia, master franchiser of a US food and beverage chain in Singapore and China.
He is passionate in helping entrepreneurs from the vulnerable communities through impact investing, serving as advisors to various international agencies that focus on social innovations that help the vulnerable groups. Mason is a co-founder of Transformational Business Network Asia (TBN Asia), a non-profit movement that promotes fighting poverty through business enterprise solutions in South-East Asia. ​