Unreasonable Mentors

Matt Spence

Head of Venture Capital Banking

Matt is an Unreasonable Mentor. Matt was part of Unreasonable Impact Americas 2022, and has advised over 12 Unreasonable companies.

Matt Spence is a Managing Director and Head of Venture Capital Banking at Barclays. He was previously a partner at Andreessen Horowtiz. He focuses on emerging technology companies, including food technology and alternative proteins.
Prior to entering the private sector, Matt spent seven years in senior national security positions in the U.S. government. He served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East Policy, and at the National Security Council at the White House Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for International Economic Affairs and as Senior Advisor to two National Security Advisors. 
Matt received his doctorate in International Relations from Oxford University; J.D. from Yale Law School; and B.A. and M.A. in International Policy Studies from Stanford University. He was born and raised in southern California. He and his wife Audrey live in Sausalito with their 3 dogs and 5 chickens.