Unreasonable Fellows

Matthew Lumsden

Founder and CEO at Connected Energy

Matthew is an Unreasonable Fellow. Matthew was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2020.
Matthew began his career in technical sales and general management within the UK construction industry before moving into the world of renewable energy and cleantech in 2000. He led the growth of energy consultancy TNEI, ultimately leading to a sale to Petrofac in 2010. On exiting TNEI, Matthew spun out Future Transport Systems, an electric vehicle and changing infrastructure-related consultancy. After delivering several major EV and EV charging infrastructure projects, Matthew and his colleagues identified the potential to develop stationary energy storage systems utilising second-life EV batteries — those partially degraded by use in EVs. Following a series of pilot projects to develop and prove the technology, Matthew founded Connected Energy to commercialise the tech and supporting services. Since founding Connected Energy, Matthew has secured investment from Macquarie, Engie and Sumitomo with the aim of rapidly expanding the business in the UK and internationally.