Unreasonable Fellows

Mausumi Acharyya

Founder, CEO at Advenio

Mausumi is an Unreasonable Fellow. Mausumi was part of Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2018.
Mausumi founded Advenio (branded ChironX) with a mission to address the gaps in the fragmented healthcare system. An expert in imaging and AI, Mausumi is a passionate tech entrepreneur focused on disruptive, affordable, and equitable healthcare. For over 20 years, Mausumi has focused on quality and AI-based innovative medical diagnostic solutions to transform healthcare. She has held senior scientist roles in GE, Siemens and DRDO lab in Bangalore. With a PhD in comp Sc. and post-doctorate in medical imaging, Mausumi is an alumnus of the Indian Statistical Institute and University of Pennsylvania. She is credited with over 11 patents and a considerable list of peer reviewed research publications.