Unreasonable Mentors

Michael Quinn

Partner at Q Advisors

Michael is an Unreasonable Mentor.
Michael is on career number three. A native New Yorker who now splits time between Denver and Amsterdam, he is a graduate of the International Affairs School at George Washington University and NYU School of Law, Michael began his career with the New York law firm of Cleary, Gottlieb and then moved as a partner over to the Denver law firm of Holland & Hart specializing in corporate finance and M&A transactions. A new adventure led to being a founder of VeloCom the first pan-Latin American Fixed Wireless Company with operations in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. After the VeloCom sale, Michael established Q Advisors in 2001 and with his partners has created one of the leading global TMT investment banking boutiques with over $17B in transactions done to date.
Michael is tennis and yoga junkie and loves traveling with his wife Krista and their two kids Jack and Caitlin. Michael is also a member of the Board of Advisors of the GWU Business School and a crazy fan of GW Basketball.