Unreasonable Fellows

Nadav Efraty

Chief Executive Officer at Desalitech

Nadav is an Unreasonable Fellow. Nadav has participated in 2 programs, including Unreasonable Impact US 2017.
Nadav Efraty is the founder and CEO of Desalitech. Breakthrough industrial water and wastewater purification appliances have revolutionized the way Fortune 500 companies are treating their water. Under his leadership, Desalitech has productized its technology and brought it to market, developed and pivoted its business strategy, raised over $35M, relocated to the US, built an all-star team, won the repeat business of many Fortune 500 companies, installed its systems in all six continents, consistently doubled its revenues and won the most prestigious water industry innovation and leadership awards. In this process, Nadav has become recognized though bridging between water and modern entrepreneurship. Prior to Desalitech, Nadav held various positions in the Enterprise IT Data Storage, and before that, served in the Israeli Air Force as a search and rescue helicopter pilot. Nadav graduated Summa Cum Laude both his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in computer science, for which he was awarded with nine prizes, awards and scholarships. In his (limited) free time, Nadav enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys, and as much as he can, running, playing soccer and basketball, and skiing.
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