Unreasonable Fellows

Nam Truong

Co-founder & CEO at STABL

Nam is an Unreasonable Fellow. Nam was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2022 (Nov - Dec).
Nam Truong is the co-founder and CEO of STABL Energy. STABL Energy offers sustainable battery storage made from discarded electric-vehicle cars in a hardware-as-a-service model to avoid long payback periods and complex operation for its customers. Our core power electronics handles the degradation variations of the batteries and compensates for battery failures.
As Co-CEO, he is responsible for developing the company and building partnerships with other companies in the energy storage industry. Until the founding of STABL Energy in 2019, Nam successfully pursued his Ph.D. on stationary battery storage at the Technical University of Munich. During this time as a scientist, he had also been responsible for the overall project management of a research project with 3 industrial partners and 13 institutes with funding of €28.8 million. Before that, he was involved in the Munich-based student consultancy Academy Consult alongside his studies, where he carried out a wide range of projects.
When time permits, Nam likes to go to Thai boxing practice. He used to be in the ring a few times and even won the German championship once.