Unreasonable Fellows

Nisha Ligon

Co-Founder at Ubongo

Nisha is an Unreasonable Collective Member and Fellow. Nisha was part of Project Literacy Lab 2016.
Nisha is Co-Founder and CEO of Ubongo, creators of edutainment loved by over 17 million families in Africa. She is a Thai-American social entrepreneur with a background in media and science, and a passion for education. She's passionate about human centered design, and has led development of Ubongo's multi-platform learning brands, Ubongo Kids and Akili and Me, from first prototypes to multi-country growth. She is hands-on in product development, writing and research, while also setting big picture strategy.
Nisha has produced content for the BBC, the Guardian, London Science Museum online learning platforms, and an award winning documentary, Twiga Stars. She was formerly Content Maestro at the Virtual School, and has worked as a consultant on eLearning and media projects for GIZ, African Managers Initiative and Save the Children. She has an MSc. from Imperial College London and a B.S. from Yale University.