Unreasonable Fellows

Patricia Estridge

Founder & CEO at Seaweed Generation

Patricia is an Unreasonable Fellow. Patricia was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2023.
Paddy (Patricia) Estridge is CEO of Seaweed Generation, which builds automated robotics to harness the incredible potential of seaweed for CDR and climate change mitigation. A software engineer by training, Paddy loves building and working with teams of passionate nerds.
She started Seaweed Generation after first hearing about the many unrealized industrial use cases for seaweed (which include cosmetics, food, biofuels, fertilizer, animal feed, bioplastics, carbon dioxide removal, and much much more).
Originally from the UK, Paddy moved to the Middle East to join Google after graduating from Exeter University. She then moved to New York and Silicon Valley to join the startup world, before returning to the UK and founding Seaweed Generation.