Unreasonable Mentors

Patricia Wexler

Investor backing entrepreneurs building massive businesses that move humankind forward

Patricia is an Unreasonable Mentor. Patricia was part of Unreasonable Impact Americas 2022, and has advised over 12 Unreasonable companies.
Born and raised in Venezuela, Patricia has a B.S in Manufacturing Engineering. She worked in investment banking, consulting and technology. After graduating as a Baker Scholar from Harvard Business School in 2002, she worked in The Walt Disney Company’s Strategic Planning group. She began her investing career with Elevation Partners, a $1.9B growth equity firm investing at the intersection of media and technology. There she backed companies such as Facebook, Yelp, and Palm. She then ran Tembo Capital, a private family office investing in similar themes. During this time she observed the trends that led to pivoting towards investing in radical technologies used to build businesses with massive positive impact and financial returns, and in 2017 co-founded a venture capital firm backing entrepreneurs using breakthrough technology to tackle humanity’s greatest challenges. She backed over 40 companies, raised a $50M fund, led multiple investments and delivered top quartile returns. Companies include Geltor, EVERY Foods, Commonwealth Fusion Systems, AtmosZero, Tynt Technologies,
etc. Patty continues to invest in world-changing companies at her firm Avila VC