Unreasonable Fellows

Priszcilla Varnagy

Founder & CEO at Be-novative

Priszcilla is an Unreasonable Fellow. Priszcilla was part of Unreasonable FUTURE 2021.
Pris is the founder and CEO of Be-novative, a Design Thinking Process Management Platform and SingularityU Labs company backed by Microsoft and Horvath as strategic partners supporting 100+ Fortune1000 companies digitally on creating a culture of collective creativity.
She is recognized by Forbes 30under30, is the winner of several competitions (SingularityU's first Global Impact Competition in the CEE region, The Next Web's Innovation Challenge, TechMatch Europe Silicon Valley, Morgan Stanley CTO Summits), wrote several articles about the future of innovation and education and why collective creativity will contribute to breakthrough products and services, and how it strengthens our self-esteem and drives a happier and higher quality of life, implemented +500 Open Innovation projects and taught innovation courses across the globe on six continents, and has supported the OECD to involve thousands of people in designing more inclusive societies. She graduated as a psychologist in 2009 from the University of Budapest and Univeristy of Copenhagen, and graduated from Singularity University.