Unreasonable Mentors

Radhika Malpani

Board member/Advisor| Founder Google Images, Former Senior Eng Director @ Google

Radhika is an Unreasonable Syndicate Investor and Mentor. Radhika has participated in 3 programs, including Unreasonable CHANGE 2022, and has advised over 38 Unreasonable companies.
Radhika is a senior executive with a track record of building high performing teams to deliver very large impact organizations and products. She has over 30 years experience in the technology sector, working at leading organizations like Google, Hewlett Packard and Siemens. At Google, Radhika was a Senior Eng. Director and was responsible, over a period of 20 years, for initiating and scaling up several critical products. Starting with leading Google Ads in 2000, Radhika founded Google Images, growing it to over 1B queries/day. In addition to starting Google Local Search, she also led Google Travel Search to help users better plan their leisure trips.
Radhika has always been interested in the application of technology for social impact, and left Google in mid 2019 to focus full-time on helping mission-oriented startups scale. She uses her extensive experience with building and scaling successful products and organizations, to help founders think through important strategic issues. She sits on several boards, is a technical advisor to  CIFF  (Children's Investment Fund Foundation), and a mentor with the Unreasonable Group and Rippleworks.
In addition, Radhika teaches entrepreneurship focussed on climate change at both Stanford and UC Santa Cruz.