Unreasonable Fellows

Rania Hoteit

Founder & CEO at ID4A Technologies

Rania is an Unreasonable Fellow. Rania has participated in 2 programs, including Unreasonable Impact Americas 2019.
Rania Hoteit is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, expert judge on global startup competitions, international public speaker, advisor, author and social impact leader in gender equality, education, and industry innovation with recognitions from the White House, United Nations, UK Parliament, Blossom Wealth Management and more. She is the CEO of global technology company, ID4A Technologies. Throughout her executive career, Rania has worked in cross-disciplinary collaborations with leading global companies in design, technology, and business innovation, and she has pioneered innovative processes in advanced manufacturing and robotics. As a serial entrepreneur, she turned numerous technologies into viable startups, transforming markets and creating radical changes within her industry. With her depth of expertise and track record, Rania is a sought-after advisor who guides innovation transformation and business growth for startups around the world, contributing to the development of new products and facilitating investments for the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.