Unreasonable Mentors

Rénard Harris

Diversity Consultant and College of Charleston School of Business Faculty

Rénard is an Unreasonable Mentor. Rénard has participated in 3 programs, including Unreasonable Impact Americas 2022, and has advised over 43 Unreasonable companies.
Dr. Rénard Harris, diversity consultant, is the creator of Rénard Harris Diversity Jam, LLC (diversity jam.com). Rénard joined the College of Charleston in 2005 as a faculty member in the School of Education. He joined the Administration Senior Team, and held the position of Chief Diversity Officer of the Institution from 2016-2022. He recently returned Rénard to faculty and he currently teaches Leadership courses and Managing Diversity courses in the School of Business. Since his time at the College of Charleston and several years prior, he has explored multicultural education, diversity, equity, and inclusion, storytelling, the Blues as story, and cultural responsiveness.