Unreasonable Mentors

Rénard Harris

Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, College of Charleston

Rénard is an Unreasonable Mentor. Rénard has participated in 3 programs, including Unreasonable FUTURE 2021, and has advised over 31 Unreasonable companies.
Dr. Rénard Harris is the Vice President of Access and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer at the College of Charleston (2016-present). His primary responsibilities are to raise the visibility of the institution’s diversity efforts by building collaborative relationships, unifying the campus by educating and highlighting the core essence and strengths of various identities, guiding diversity programs and workshops, and creating initiatives that improve the success of underserved students.
Rénard has been at the College of Charleston since the Fall of 2005. He began as faculty and he was promoted to Associate Professor of Teacher Education in 2013. Since his time at the College of Charleston and several years prior, he has explored multicultural education, diversity, equity, and inclusion, storytelling, the Blues as story, cultural responsiveness, and bias. He is often called upon to serve as a consultant for businesses and educational institutions.
Photo of Rénard Harris