Unreasonable Fellows

Sam Elsom

Co-founder & CEO at Sea Forest

Sam is an Unreasonable Fellow. Sam was part of Unreasonable Food 2024.
Sam Elsom is a passionate environmentalist with over 20 years experience in sustainability. Having founded one of Australia’s first sustainable apparel businesses to measuring social and environmental impact across supply chains as well as implementing a satellite factory in India to support poor communities with income, training, clean water and education. In 2018 Sam founded the innovative environmental technology company, Sea Forest, which focusses on using native seaweed and science to mitigate livestock methane emissions and was drawn to explore seaweed cultivation for its impressive capacity as a zero input crop and sustainable solution to reverse Climate Change. Sea Forest has been recognised as one of Fast Company's most innovative companies of 2024 and was a finalist in Prince William's Earthshot Prize in 2023.