Unreasonable Fellows

Samuel Alemayehu

Co-Founder and Global Managing Director at Cambridge Industries

Samuel is an Unreasonable Fellow and Mentor. Samuel was part of Unreasonable GOALS 2018, and has advised over 16 Unreasonable companies.
Samuel Z. Alemayehu is the Global Managing Director of Cambridge Industries Ltd. He started his career in Silicon Valley as a serial entrepreneur, founding three successful tech ventures. He began his career as an Associate at Venrock Associates, where he focused on consumer media services globally. He then moved to Africa in 2009, founding and investing in numerous companies across the continent and in a range of industries. Most recently, he co-founded Cambridge Industries Ltd to accelerate the implementation of pioneering infrastructure projects. Currently, he is overseeing the construction of the first municipal waste-to-energy facility in Africa, located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as part of a waste-to-energy facility in six African cities. Samuel is an active angel investor around the world and sits on the board of numerous companies. He is an expert on technology investments and the development of renewable energy projects for emerging markets. He is a graduate of Stanford University’s School of Engineering.