Unreasonable Fellows

Shinya Shimizu

Founder & CEO at Elephantech

Shinya is an Unreasonable Fellow. Shinya was part of Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2023.
Shinya is an enthusiastic scientist and entrepreneur who believes science is the way. At age 16, he designed and built his first CPU from logic gate ICs, and later won first place in the Chemistry Olympic Japan competition. While at the University of Toyko, he worked as an engineer on a Formula SAE team and earned a master of information technology with his research on new speech recognition algorithms.
After school, Shinya joined McKinsey and Company and worked for global manufacturing companies. After leaving McKinsey, he started Elephantech to provide a sustainable alternative to electric circuits. He has raised $55M to date and built a factory in Japan to mass-produce low-carbon electric circuits.