Unreasonable Fellows

Stanley Samuel


Stanley is an Unreasonable Fellow. Stanley was part of Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2017.
Recognised amongst the Top 50 Water Leaders, Stanley has dedicated his life to water conservation and protection of local ecosystems linked to water and wastewater. A pioneer, innovator and visionary that has developed platforms such as WATER SMART Homes, Buildings, Communities in both urban and rural settings that serve hotels, hopsitals, residential estates, campuses and industries in better managing their water and used water needs while preserving the delicate balance in the local ecosystems and conservation of sources. He leads the development and deployment of the Company's vision through ECOSOFTT's Technologies, Innovations and Services (for profit) as well as The SOUL Program (Solutions For UnderPrivileged Lives) where solutions are designed and implemented via a community led transformation process to serve the marginalised and rural communities (not for profit). The holistic approach also includes water and envronment education and engagement programs for schools, institutes of higher learning and corporates.
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