Subramani is an Unreasonable Fellow. Subramani was part of Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2017.
Subramani (suBBu) Ramachandrappa, is a serial entrepreneur in the biotech industry. He is founder of Fermbox Bio Inc, USA, a foodtech company, focussing on producing cultivated animal fats without animals.
SuBBu is also the Founder and Board member of Laurus Bio (previously Richcore Lifesciences) which specialises in developing and manufacturing Animal Origin Free recombinant proteins and enzyme. These help replace ingredients which are otherwise sourced from animals and used for manufacturing medicines, food, cosmeceuticals and more. Laurus Bio additionally provides CDMO services to the Bio-pharma and Novel food industries.
Apart from his biotech ventures, SuBBu is managing partner of Vivnova Ventures LLP which invests in early stage companies in the sustainable technologies space.